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Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica Dedicated to Lost Pop Music

Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica is the world's only big band dedicated to performing the lost space-age pop music of Juan Garcia Esquivel, which the Wall Street Journal calls "deliciously demented and entertaining in equal parts." Led by Mr. Ho (Brian O'Neill), a "percussion master and musical polymath" according to the Boston Phoenix, the group has rescued the king-of-space-age-bachelor-pad's arrangements via meticulous transcriptions of the original recordings. The ensemble—a big band augmented with slide guitar, four singers, B3 organ, and three percussionists—recreates the Hollywood big band, easy latin, crime jazz, and space-age bachelor pad sounds of the 50s and 60s. A 2011 Downbeat Rising Star Big Band with "incredible arrangements, musicianship, and artistic direction," the group—and it's standard formation as a vibraphone quartet—has toured in the USA and Mexico and received international acclaim for its Exotica for Modern Living series of recordings, one of which plays in over 7,000 Starbucks stores worldwide.

Highlights: Montreal Jazz Festival (main stage) , Wassermusik Festival (Berlin), Festival de Mexico (Mexico), Pace Presents Celebrate Mexico Now (NYC), Artsquest (PA)

Joe Bonamassa Recording New Album/CD

RBI To Feature Alabama Road Songs This Summer

Radio Bougainvillea International will be playing Alabama Road Songs during the final days of summer. The album features songs about Alabama sung by Alabama groups and singers. The album cover features the photo of a 1953 Cadillac taken at the Lake Guntersville pier.

Miky Anton, Germany's Star Violinist, Hits Global Airplay With His Single "Morningstar"

 (Berlin, Germany)  Miky Anton – pure passion in tone, sound and melody. Just one of the recent acclamations to violinist, Miky of Germany. The resounding acclaims have been pouring in since his release to worldwide campaign with Musik Radio Promotions.

Euranet, the European Radio Network, an amalgamation of international, national, regional, and boasting 26 professional radio stations and 10 campus radios reaching a daily audience in excess of 15 million listeners, immediately requested an interview.

The composer and star violinist has ripe experience and a very impressive resume. Miky’s career began very early. At the age of 5 he began a private musical training as a violinist. After the first exam was followed the education in the Lyceum of Music by George Enescu in Bucharest for exceptional musical talents. A subsequent study on the University of Bucharest and the Artist Diplom in Essen-Germany were won after years of study. After several wins in international competitions, responsible jobs as a soloist in Austria, Spain, France, Romania, Russia and Germany, and toured India and toured Africa in 2010-2012, Miky Anton finally brings his first solo debut single MORNINGSTAR on the international market.

The Single Morningstar is every where to find in digital stores like: ITunes, Amazon,, Spotify.
In case you want to now more about Miky Anton please check the Facebook official site:

The story behind the song:
“While a man is having a phone conversation with a women who he wants to be with, he remembers pictures from the past time where a general dies in an attempt to defense the stronghold of his beloved Queen. Scenes of fighting for unfulfilled love. The general and the queen cannot be together. Coming back in the present time with the consciousness, the man realizes that he has now a new chance to be with the “Queen” together, who in modern times is the women whom he talks with. Is he going to be with her together in a couple? The future will give an answer…..When?….. when?

See The Making of Morningstar, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this amazing song.

Rajun Cajun Fest Attracts Talent to Heflin, AL USA

The Rajun Cajun Festival held May 17 in Heflin, Alabama attracted five bands including some locals who joined former American Idol star Taylor Hicks and his band to help raise funds for the Hollis Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department.

Among the groups were Buck Wild, Young Sullilvan, Joshua Travis and Ryan Robertson bands. 

In addition to bands, there was a colorful hot air balloon ride and many booths offering everything from politicians handing out information to food and beverage vendors.

Taylor Hicks and Band performs in Heflin, Alabama

David Boswell Announces Debut CD

It's been a while since I've written.  I've been locked away in my studio working with a brand new trio and we've got our debut CD being released in May. 

 The trio is called Storyboard and the new CD is entitled"Hello"

 The group is comprised of myself on electric, acoustic and synthesized guitars with Rod MacDowell on electric bass and Alex Locascio on drums.  

This is a dynamic group and we are treading into some new territory with this recording.  The title track can be heard on our website for the band at

According to their website, " Storyboard is a Contemporary Jazz trio from Los Angeles, CA playing instrumental music combining amazing sounds, rhythms and energy. Guitar synthesizers, hard-driving bass and punchy, syncopated drumming are just some of the elements that are Storyboard.

When Alex, Rod and David first played together in the studio, it was very clear that something truly amazing was happening. All three are veteran musicians, with years of stage, studio and songwriting under their belt. They have an ingrained intuitiveness when it comes to blending their talent and experience into something cohesive; Storyboard is the result. 

With their talent and love of music, Storyboard have created the soundtracks for your dreams, journeys and moods, while sharing beautiful melodies with your soul. 

Allman Brothers Hanging It Up 
After 45 Years

The Allman Brothers Band performing at the United Palace Theatre in New York City, March 13, 2010 (Photo by  Ethan Prator -  Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic) reported in a  January 28 article by contributing editor Richard Tafoya that the world known Allman Brothers band is hanging it up this year after 45 years of touring.

The announcement by the band came after the band's two guitarists, Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks said they would be leaving the band at the end of this year.

According to "In an interview with Relix magazine, band leader Gregg Allman said "This is it—this is the end of it," adding, "45 years is enough and I want to do something else, anyway. Everyone has their own real good perspective bands."

Trucks and Haynes are expected to continue in the music tradition with their own solo projects.

The band will wrap up the year with shows at the Beacon Theatre and two festivals - WANEE next month and Montage Mountain in August.

Gregg Allman held out the possibility that the band might get back for some reunions every five years or so.

A listing in Wikipedia notes that, " The Allman Brothers Band is an American rock/blues band once based in Macon, Georgia. The band was formed in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1969 by brothers Duane Allman (slide guitar and lead guitar) and Gregg Allman (vocals, organ, songwriting), plus Dickey Betts (lead guitar, vocals, songwriting), Berry Oakley (bass guitar), Butch Trucks (drums), and Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson (drums). While the band has been called the principal architects of Southern rockthey also incorporate elements of blues, jazz, and country music, and their live shows have jam band-style improvisation and instrumentals."

For complete story go to:

Ships Have Sailed - Midnight (Music Video - Official)

The official music video for artist Ships Have Sailed debut single "Midnight", currently in the semi-final round of the International Songwriting Competition, and available as part of the "Someday" EP:

Directed By: James R.W. Hiatt
Produced By: Jena Carpenter

Special Thanks: Dream World Cirque, Ciara Dance Studios, Wini McKay & LA Circus, and Tory Nelson

Interview with musician, singer Tim McDonald of the Tim McDonald Band

Announcer Wayne Ruple (center) with singer-musician Tim McDonald and band members

Tim McDonald and Band playing at the American Legion in Jacksonville, AL, USA
For local booking in Alabama call - 256-225-1727/256-236-5201.

You can now book your own TMac experience for any function you are having where awesome music is required.

McDonald covers most functions such as a BBQ, pool party, birthday party, graduation, wedding, divorce, barn party, holiday event, a low volume intimate home concert, or a "just because" party.

McDonald can and will deliver your TMac experience meeting your all expectations. You can enjoy a variety of concerts: solo, duet, or full band - any of his performances are nothing less than top-notch professional.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity from this Nashville based musician and book a TMac experience of your own. You may do so by contacting McDonald directly at or Gail White, (local Alabama liaison, at

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He adds, " i hope you can find someone who will help and sponsor my music."


Tim McDonald announces that he is working on his new album.

Top 90's Breakup Songs

We still bust out #5 when things go wrong. Read on to see the rest of our 90s breakup playlist.

Check out the new video "The Long and Winding Road" cover by Carlinhos & Rogério on the "International Performers" page. Carlinhos is from Ivoti, Brazil and has worked at MATRIX - Engenharia de Arte. You can find him on Google+ at:

Carlinhos in his recording studio

McDonald Album  based on Livin' Breathin' Havin' Fun 

Mr. Ho’s OrchestroticaEsquivel Big Band Releases 
New Album

We're excited to say that after many months  our new quintet album,Where Here Meets There was officially released and is now for sale and shipping at and major online retailers. Thanks to all of our PledgeMusic fans especially for helping make it a reality!  

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"Tales From The Hood" by LumoDaGr8 - SoundCloud


Check out their latest releases at

"Hello" is new release from Storyboard

The trio is called Storyboard and the new CD is entitled"Hello".  The group is comprised of myself on electric, acoustic and synthesized guitars with Rod MacDowell on electric bass and Alex Locascio on drums.