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 I am Vyeshuva Maalyk, basically a Gold Smith, now working as a Music Director in Chennai, India. I have been doing music from 2003 and i have done 4 films in Tamil and l have done music for many short films and albums. I have also done Hindi and English album. I have done many devotional album too. Now currently doing music for God of Gods Spiritual Movie in 3 languages i.e in Sanskrit,Arabic and English it is going to be released next year.

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Jazz Musician Brenda B.J. Reed Performs

The English group Liberty Ship announces their new album "Learning To Fly" with more information to be released soon.

Winter 1982 releases new album (more info on come)

The Inside Scoop on The Video iPod Battery: The FAQs of Battery Life


How can I avoid accidentally turning on the iPod in my pocket?


Well, that’s what the Hold Switch is for.  The Hold Switch of your iPod can be found on the top near the headphones port. This helps prevent your iPod from accidentally turning on in your pocket or bag and draining the battery.


You can set the Hold Switch to hold just by sliding it toward the center of the iPod. You will know that the iPod is on hold because an orange bar is visible in the Hold Switch and a small Lock icon appears in the upper-left corner of the display.




At what temperature does the iPod’s battery work best?


Generally, you can use iPod anywhere between 0 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius (about 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit). However, if you want to prolong your battery’s life, iPod works best at room temperature, near 20 degrees Celsius.


If you have left iPod in the cold, let it warm up to room temperature before waking it from sleep. Otherwise, a low-battery icon may appear and iPod will not wake from sleep. If after warming up, iPod does not wake from sleep, connect the power adapter, and press Menu and Play/Pause buttons until the Apple logo appears.


Here are some additional tips about the proper temperature for your iPod:


  • Do not leave iPod in a vehicle’s interior when parked in the sun. Temperatures may reach up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius).


  • Do not leave iPod exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.




How long does it take to fully recharge a battery?


iPod fast charges the battery to 80 percent of capacity in an hour. However, it can take 4 hours to fully recharge a battery. Even in sleep, iPod uses a small amount of current, and the battery slowly empties. Stored at optimal storage temperature, the battery will empty in 14 to 28 days.


If you want to get the most out of your battery’s life, make sure that you do not charge iPod while it is in a carrying case or cover. Also, you should charge iPod when it has fully discharged even if it won’t be used right away.




What other settings can I change with my iPod to save on battery?


First up is backlighting. This can use a lot of battery power so if you don’t need to use it, turn it off. You can do that by following these set of instructions:


  • On your iPod’s display, Choose Settings


  • Scroll around for Backlight Timer


  • Choose Off to turn it off


Another setting in your iPod you can do without is the Equalizer. Turning off the Equalizer will extend your battery life. To turn it off, just follow the instructions above, only instead of choosing Backlight Timer, look for EQ.





Is the iPod’s battery replaceable?


No matter how much you don’t want to have to replace your battery at all, there are certainly instances where you might have to. The good news is that Apple has an official battery replacement program which they offer at $59. The program requires that you send in your iPod (any model), and Apple will replace the battery and return it to you for $59 plus shipping and handling. Technically though, what Apple does is to replace your whole iPod with an equivalent new or refurbished model. AppleCare programs for iPod are also available in some markets outside the US and in Apple Retail locations.




Will the iPod’s battery degrade over time?


That unfortunately is true. Everything degrades over time without exception. After a long time has passed, the battery will not hold the same amount of charge as when it was still new. This is natural and is true among all lithium ion batteries. During the life of the iPod, not many users will notice the effect this slow degradation brings. However, based on usage, environmental factors, and many other variables, some heavy users may notice a greater degradation than others. Just remember that lithium ion batteries degrade in exactly the same way, whether they are used to power up the iPod, any laptop, cellphone, or portable music player.



What Is Satellite Radio

(Fifth in a series covering satellite radio and podcasting)

XM Radio Categories

Here are the main music categories that you can find on XM satellite radio broadcasts:
The Decades - songs from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s
Country – classic country hits are at home here, but you will also get a good share of new pop country and blue grass country.
Hits – this is for all hit lovers out there. Packed with Top 20 on Channel 20, the hits XM Radio channels also include some FM channels: KISS FM in LA or Houston's Pop FM station, KMIX. You also get MTV and VH1 stations and if you’re in the mood for some popular love songs you can tune into The Heart and Lite channel. Another interesting channel is Cinemagic, where you will be able to listen to all your favorite movie soundtracks without being bothered by commercials. There are also two Christian rock channels and a classic alternative channel.
Rock – XM Radio features 10 commercial free channels dedicated to rock:
* Deep Tracks: classic and contemporary hits
* Bone Yard and XM Liquid Metal: the first channel goes with classic hard rock while the XM Liquid Metal plays hardcore metal.
* Fred: there is a lot of classic alternative music, some 80s alternative rock and punk music
* Top Tracks: classic rock tracks
* Unsigned: unsigned bands
* XMU, XM Café, the Loft, XM Music Lab: soft rock, eclectic rock and any other rock type that doesn’t fit anywhere else
Urban – rap and hip hop, both modern and from the 80s.
Jazz & Blues – 6 channels altogether out of which four are commercial free
Dance – techno and trance music rules here, but you also get some disco music
Latin – 5 commercial free channels of Latin, Spanish and Mexican hits.
International Music – 5 channels of music from around the world. You might find these five channels a welcomed break from all the music you are used to. Fresh music from around the world is presented daily.
Classical – classical music from both famous and less renown classical musicians. You get the XM Pops, XM Classics, Vox and Fine Tuning. As you would expect, all 4 channels are commercial free.
Kids - Radio Disney and XM for Kids. Excellent programs that will keep your kid busy and happy for a long time.
News – you will get Fox News, CNN Headline News plus other TV related news channels. They feature XM commercials.
Sports – you will get channels like ESPN Radio, ESPN News, Fox Sports Radio, Sporting News, NASCAR Radio. These channels cover most of the important sporting events in the United States but you can also get international sports news here.
Comedy – both family oriented comedy stiles and uncensored comedy bits. These channels are commercial free, which is really enjoyable.
Talk & Variety – there are different talk channels and shows that are really engaging, such as E! Entertainment Radio, ABC News and Talk, Buzz XM, Ask channel, The Power and Family Talk. However, these channels have plenty of commercial time which is a bit of a disappointment from a paid subscription service.
Variation and content

These are the things both XM Radio and Sirius are after. With over 100 channels, each provider is able to identify and target all the important age and social groups in the United States. When it comes to music, there are extremely specialized channels on XM Radio, so the consumer knows exactly what kind of music they will run into on that particular channel. The kids channels are pretty good and the sports channels are also ok. If you like to get your news TV style, XM Radio’s choice of channels is also interesting. The fact that commercials are present is not that bothering, as they are only allowed to play 6 minutes of commercials per hour. However, some of the music channels are kept 100% commercial free, which is good news for music fans who do not want their audition to be interrupted by intrusive commercials.

Interview with musician, singer Tim McDonald of the Tim McDonald Band

Tim McDonald and Band playing at the American Legion in Jacksonville, AL, USA
For local booking in Alabama call - 256-225-1727/256-236-5201.

You can now book your own TMac experience for any function you are having where awesome music is required.

McDonald covers most functions such as a BBQ, pool party, birthday party, graduation, wedding, divorce, barn party, holiday event, a low volume intimate home concert, or a "just because" party.

McDonald can and will deliver your TMac experience meeting your all expectations. You can enjoy a variety of concerts: solo, duet, or full band - any of his performances are nothing less than top-notch professional.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity from this Nashville based musician and book a TMac experience of your own. You may do so by contacting McDonald directly at or Gail White, (local Alabama liaison, at